VECCHIONE, VECCHIONE, CONNORS & CANO has decades of experience in litigating Workers’ Compensation cases.

We believe you will find that our firm is different from the typical firms in our industry. We are diligent, hardworking, knowledgeable, and responsive to our clients’ needs.

We are experienced in every phase of Workers’ Compensation Law, including occupational diseases, heart and stress cases, disability benefits claims and standard orthopedic injuries. We have had extensive trial experience involving heart conditions, mental disorders and physical and neurological conditions. This, of course, includes both direct testimony and the cross-examination of medical specialist witnesses in all fields of medicine.

Our hearing memorandums not only set forth what transpired at the hearing by way of findings, awards or Judicial Directions; they are completely informative as to suggestions for the future handling of the claim, adequacy of reserves and whether the carrier should arrange for a physical examination of the claimant to limit liability on the questions of disability and treatment. Where indicated, a thumbnail review of the contents of the file is included.

We have a complete law library and are computer oriented to serve you in the most efficient manner.

Our computer system is able to access the Workers’ Compensation Board’s E-Case system, enabling us to review the Board’s files from our office. This is very helpful in providing you with information and in preparing documents such as memorandums of law, appeals and rebuttals. In addition, we e-mail all of our hearing reports immediately upon drafting same. This allows for quick reporting on claims and, in turn, allows you to respond to the same in a more efficient manner.

We recognize that the reduction or stopping of payments and closing of cases are crucial to any self-insured or Workers’ Compensation carrier, as is the availability of legal counsel. Our attorneys guide our clients through the various aspects of the Workers’ Compensation Law and are available for consultations when needed. Our attorney’s have significant experience and our firm has a very low turnover rate. Therefore, you can look forward to one experienced attorney being assigned to your claims and following the same from start to finish.

Our firm represents clients in the retail field, service area, medical field and industrial arena. Our diverse experience enables us to be completely familiar with the liabilities, risks and claims you encounter.

We are also one of the leading firms in labor market reattachment litigation. We are very accomplished in this area of Workers’ Compensation. In fact, we have recently received several decisions from the Appellate Division relating to this issue. These decisions helped our clients defeat many of these claims, saving them an extensive amount of money. Our firm obtained a landmark decision in the Court of Appeals, which reversed a lot of negative case law for employers. The Zamora Decision will save an untold amount of money for New York State employers.

We provide you with the cell phone numbers and email addresses of each attorney in our firm. This allows your staff instant access to our legal team when necessary.

We also, where possible, return all phone calls and e-mails either the same business day or the next business day. We realize that it is very important for your staff to have access to our staff.

Our firm helped pioneer the resurgence of the issue of voluntary withdrawal. We have developed Board case law and Appellate Division case law that has been very helpful in succeeding on these issues. Our success rate on this issue is in excess of fifty percent.